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Catherine Morris, BA, JD, LLM

Catherine Morris, BA, JD, LLM

Research and education on conflict transformation and international human rights

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Catherine Morris, BA (Alberta) 1974, JD (Alberta) 1978, LLM (UBC) 2001, has been a leader in the field of conflict resolution since 1983. She has been engaged in teaching, research, monitoring and advocacy on international human rights since 2004. She works in Canada and internationally in academic, community, nonprofit, public and private sectors. She is the founder of Peacemakers Trust, a Canadian non-profit organization for education and research in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. She has represented Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva since 2011.

Teaching, research and writing
Professor Morris teaches graduate level courses in negotiation, international human rights, and peace and conflict studies. She has taught at a number of universities, including the University of Victoria and Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. She has also been involved in design, planning, administration and presentation of workshops for senior public officials, leaders of non-governmental organizations, academics and professionals in several countries including Thailand, Cambodia and several other countries. Ms. Morris is a former Executive Director of the Institute for Dispute Resolution at the University of Victoria, where she worked in several leadership roles from 1992-1998. She designed and founded UVic's multidisciplinary graduate program in dispute resol ution. She is also an Associate of the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives (CAPI) at the University of Victoria.

Her research and writing has resulted in publications and papers on mediator ethics and qualifications, conflict and culture, ADR in legal education, the role of religion in peacebuilding, peacebuilding and human rights in Cambodia, reconciliation, and human rights. Her website bibliography, Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding: A Selected Bibliography, hosted by Peacemakers Trust, has been used by tens of thousands of people in more than 100 countries on all continents.

Conflict assessment, fact-finding, mediation, adjudication
Ms. Morris is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia (non-practicing as of 2021) and the Canadian Bar Association. She works with Lampion Pacific Law Corporation. She is experienced in conflict assessment, mediation, fact-finding and adjudication.

Board Experience
Ms. Morris has served on many national and local Boards and committees.

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Catherine consults with churches and faith-based organizations, as well as designing and conducting workshops, retreats, presentations and policies. She also engages in inter-religious work. See, for example:

Date: 7 March, 2021.

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