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Peacemakers Trust's board of directors, Ernie Fraser, Catherine Morris and Del Phillips are actively involved in the leading the work of Peacemakers Trust. In addition, Peacemakers Trust invites associates and advisors for specific initiatives.

Julia Tchezganova

Project associate, human rights and peacebuilding in Russia, 2023-2024

photo of Julia Tchezganova Julia Tchezganova obtained her BA from Simon Fraser University and a JD from University of Victoria (UVic) Faculty of Law in 2012. During 2023 and 2024, she has worked with Peacemakers Trust director, Catherine Morris, on issues related to human rights and anti-war advocacy in Russia.

Julia spent all of her years as a law student working and developing the UVic Legal Information Clinic (now merged with Pro Bono Students Canada), first as a volunteer and then as a Director. After law school, Julia spent a year in Jakarta, Indonesia, working as a foreign legal editor with Hukumonline (Indonesia’s legal analysis platform). Upon returning to Canada, Julia pursued her articling with a legal aid boutique criminal law firm and worked primarily in the heart of Downtown Eastside, Vancouver. For almost a decade Julia practised family law and provided countless hours of pro-bono and unbundled services for the public in BC.

Julia has served as a director with non-profit working boards and has spent a significant amount of time assisting human rights defenders, animal defenders, peace activists, and others to advocate for persons at risk as a result of Russia’s ongoing corruption.

Selected publications by Julia Tchezgavona

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