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. . . creating pathways toward dialogue and reconciliation
through research and education on conflict transformation and peacebuilding.

Peacemakers Trust: A non-profit charity registered in Canada

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Our vision and purpose . . .

Peacemakers Trust was founded in 1999 as a non-profit corporation in Canada and the province of British Columbia. It was registered effective January 19, 2003 as a Charitable Organization in Canada, number 87205 7823 RR0001.

Our purpose . . . is to create avenues to advance people's knowledge and capacity to understand, prevent and address conflict fairly, effectively and peacefully.

Our methods . . . include research and education for practitioners, government and non-governmental officials and the public on:

What we do. . .

Our programs . . . include research and writing, educational events and training workshops, and the publication of resources such as:

How you can get involved . . .

Resources . . . use our resource website to help with your studies, research or teaching ... or get information about how to manage conflict in constructive ways.

Education . . . come to our workshops or contact us about a workshop or seminar for your institution, organization or workplace.

Public Dialogues. . . join in our public dialogue workshops.

Research . . . ask us to do specialized research for or within your organization.

Support . . . help us with our work by making a gift for which we can send you a receipt for tax purposes in Canada. Our Charitable Organization number is 87205 7823 RR0001.

Our board of directors . . .

Catherine Morris, BA, JD, LLM, a lawyer and conflict resolution consultant with international experience in Canada, the United States, Cambodia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Bolivia. She has taught at the University of Victoria and Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.

Ernie Fraser, BA, MA, a communications and management consultant with extensive in media relations experience in government and crown corporations in Canada. He has taught at Royal Roads University in Victoria, Canada.

Del Phillips, BSc, MPA, a former team leader for the BC Office of the Ombudsman with extensive background in domestic and international issues pertaining to children and youth. He has taught at the University of Victoria.

Consulting Directors are also appointed from time to time as project leaders or advisors.

Graduate and undergraduate student research associates are recruited to assist with some projects.

Volunteers are recruited to assist with research, advice, and technical aspects of our work.

The Peacemakers Trust logo is a Roman labyrinth based on geometric shapes found in Calvatone and Cremona, Italy. The single pathway of the Peacemakers Trust labyrinth leads to its centre and back out again. Unlike a puzzle maze, it is a "true" labyrinth with no dead-ends, traps or false pathways. Even so, the path may seem confusing, because it winds around and doubles back many times. The pathway may test one's trust and patience. Trace the pathway yourself to see ... (enter on the right-hand side)

Peacemakers Trust™

True labyrinths have been created as pathways for contemplation, reflection, dances and games in ancient and contemporary cultures. The origin of the first labyrinths is unknown. In medieval Europe labyrinths were used by Christians to symbolize the path to salvation. For thousands of years, labyrinths of various styles have been part of the art, architecture and ceremonial expressions of cultures in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

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